When bad air leads to event cancellations

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California is suffering from some of its most destructive wildfires in recent history, and those fires are having a direct effect on event calendars in the region. The North Bay region, north of San Francisco, has seen some of the worst fires, with north-easterly winds blowing the smoke towards the… Read more »


Filippino police accused of kidnapping tourists

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The police is usually called in to help with cases of robbery, extortion and kidnap.. not often do you find them being the perpetrators of such activities. However, this seems to have occurred in the Philippine city of Angeles City. A group of police officers there have been accused of… Read more »


When Negative Publicity Comes to Dinner – food safety scandal at 2 Sisters Food Group

A recent food safety scandal in the UK involved employees at one of the largest suppliers of supermarket chicken in the country, 2 Sisters Food Group, allegedly altering slaughter dates in order to extend the products’ shelf life. The allegations, whether true or not, led to the full shutdown of… Read more »


4 crucial stages of a K&R incident and how to build resilience

KIDNAP FOR RANSOM RESPONSE: THE IMPORTANCE OF RESILIENCE The noun resilience stems from the Latin resiliens, “to rebound or recoil”. The word is used widely in both psychology and business circles as a term to describe an individual or organisation’s ability to positively adapt and respond to dynamic changes, such… Read more »


Why do armed fighters attack aid workers?

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We’ve previously posted a piece on the threat of kidnapping and violence against aid workers around the world, specifically Yemen due to the ongoing and increasingly vicious conflict in the region. It is an undeniable and unfortunate fact that aid workers are at risk, whether they are foreign employees or… Read more »