2017 recalls numbers in review – tiptoeing through the raindrops

2017 was a busy year in the recall market with some tumultuous market events, big ticket claims, regulatory advances and multiple manufacturing recalls. When looking at the sheer number of recall notices issued by various regulatory bodies, it is easy to empathise with the environment in which manufacturers are operating…. Read more »


Malicious Product Tamper from a Cyber vector…

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Product tampering has long been necessary coverage for companies purchasing Recall policies. That’s because there has always been a risk of disgruntled employees, unhappy consumers, and even ideologically motivated extremists tampering with a product to cause bodily injury. This threat persists; as recently as late September 2017 a German extortion… Read more »


‘Duty of Care’ and Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

This piece was written by Assistant K&R Underwriter Alexander Beaton and was first published in the online magazine ‘Safe Travels’. It can be accessed at http://www.safetravelsmagazine.com/2017/12/15/feature-alexander-beaton-at-cfc-underwriting-ltd-duty-of-care-and-kidnap-and-ransom-insurance/ It is a basic tenet of the law of torts that employers owe a duty of care to their employees. How far this duty… Read more »


The Rise of the Allergens

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There are many theories on the increasing prevalence of allergies amongst the population: our ‘too clean’ society which leads to poorly trained immune systems, our increasingly indoor lifestyles and the related lack of vitamin D, the diet we eat, and many more. Whichever combination of these may be correct, the… Read more »


Extortion threat dynamics in Europe, Turkey, Russia and the FSU

The below is an abridged version of the original report. Extortion simply defined is the unlawful extraction of property, including monies, goods and/or favours and privileges by way of various coercive and violent methods. The exploitative nature of extortion, combined with economic benefits, distinguish it from other crime forms. Extortion… Read more »