New Products Regulator – speak softly and carry out some enforcement action

It hasn’t taken long for the new consumer products regulator – the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS), to show businesses that it’s not going to be toothless in its drive to modernise the industry. Set up only in January 2018, it’s found the time to cite a timber… Read more »


K&R News

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This month, instead of a newsletter focusing on specific aspects of kidnap & ransom, we wanted to share the following articles predicting global kidnapping trends in 2018. This post was produced in collaboration with our response consultancy partner, red24. Please feel free to share these documents with your clients. Kidnapping:… Read more »


Wrongful detention trends around the world

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  Wrongful or unlawful detention of business or recreational travellers by state or nonstate groups will also present a security concern in 2018. Communities with adverse views of foreign business activities, including in a number of medium- and lower-risk environments such as Bolivia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, and Paraguay,… Read more »